Due to the ongoing situation regarding COVID-19, the 1st Circuit Kids First Program is offering online programming. If you are scheduled to attend a Kids First class, please click below and follow the instructions to complete your program.

Our Mission

What is Kids First?

Kids First is a mandatory program of the Hawai‘i State Judiciary to educate families about the impact of divorce and separation on children.

To promote peaceful co-parenting, and effective family relationships and communication through education and other services to families involved in issues before the Family Court of the First Circuit of the State of Hawai`i.

To provide education and assistance to children and parents in separating families through the Kids First program on O`ahu, and to provide cooperation and assistance to similar programs on each island.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a class date?

Classes are assigned by the court after you have filed your case.
You cannot schedule your own class. You can only reschedule the one
assigned to you.

Where is my program being held?

Where and when your class is held depends on which location you select, read your Kids First Notice.

Honolulu : On the first, third and fifth Wednesday of each month, class is held at the Ka’ahumanu Hale Honolulu Circuit Court
Kapolei: On the second and fourth Wednesday of each month, class is held at the Ronald T.Y. Moon Kapolei Court Complex

These session locations are subject to change

The addresses to both these locations are on the Contact Information page.

What time do I need to show up?

For both locations:
Registration begins at 5:00PM.
The Kids First program runs from 5:30PM to 7:30PM

Late comers will not be allowed in to the class.
If you are late, you must reschedule your class.

Who should attend?

Only persons listed on the Notice to Attend Kids First form are permitted to
attend. This could include:

  • Both parents (plaintiff, defendant or mother, father)
  • Children between the ages of 6-17 from the current and other
  • Step-parents involved in the divorce

Who should NOT attend?

  • Guests are not allowed: Only persons listed on the Notice to Attend
    Kids First form are to attend the program
  • If there is a TRO, Protective Order or Stay-away Order between any
    of the persons involved, one person must reschedule their appointment

How will the judge know that we attended?

Your official Kids First Notice form will be  placed in your court file. The judge will
review the Notice to see whether or not your family attended.

What if I need an interpreter?

Free interpreters are available for Limited English Proficient individuals and
persons requiring American Sign language. Please contact the Kids First office
(808) 954-8280 as early as possible with your request.

ADA Notice

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, as amended, and other
applicable state and federal laws, if you require an accommodation for a
disability, when working with a court program, service or activity, please contact
the ADA Coordinator at the First Circuit Court, Family Court office by telephone
808.954.8200, facsimile (808) 954.8308, or via
email adarequest@courts.hawaii.gov at least ten (10) working days before
the activity date.

This website has information for the O‘ahu Kids First program only. For information on the neighbor island programs, please click below

What drives our organization?

Friends of Kids First Oahu

Board of Directors

President: Marianita Lopez
Vice-President: Linda Santos
Treasurer: Faye Kimura