This page contains some programs you might find helpful. These are not affiliated with Friends of Kids First so if any interest you, please contact them through the information below.

Kids First Hawaii Forms

Submit the completed form(s) to The Legal Documents clerk at either the Ka‘ahumanu Hale Honolulu Circuit Court or Ronald T.Y. Moon Kapolei Court Complex. Class availability is on a first come, first served basis.

Notice to Attend Kids First forms

There are three different Notice to Attend Kids Firs forms. Please
make sure you use the correct form for your case.

Request to be Excused form

This form must be supported with written documentation of your

Access the filed Kids First Notice

This file will reflect if and when the other members of your family
attended the program.

  • Access via the Legal Documents Clerk at the Ronald T.Y. Moon
    Kapolei Court Complex
  • Must provide a photo ID

Hawai‘i Judiciary Sponsored Programs

Ho‘okele Family Center

For all inquiries not regarding the Kids First program, please contact the Ho‘okele Family Service Center at (808) 954-8290.

Divorce Law in Hawai‘i Program

The Divorce Law in Hawai‘i informational program is now in its sixteenth year assisting the public in understanding divorce law. A companion to the Kids First program, Divorce Law in Hawai‘i offers families going through divorce guidance on how to get organized, adopt an effective frame of mind, and fairly resolve divorce issues without needless expense or conflict.

The program is free and open to all who are interested in the divorce process. No reservations are necessary. For additional information on this program, please contact the Ho‘okele Family Center at (808) 954-8290

Access to Justice Room

O‘ahu Family Court Access to Justice Room

Hawai‘i Supreme Court Chief Justice Mark Recktenwald and First Circuit Deputy Chief Judge Mark Browning officially opened the Kapolei Access to Justice Room on December 7th, 2012. The Kapolei Access to Justice Room is located on the third floor of the complex and is open on the first and third Thursday of every month from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Appointments are made for the clinic through the Ho‘okele Self Help Desk on the first floor of the Kapolei Courthouse, (808) 954-8290.

“In this economy, we have an increasing number of self-represented litigants coming to Family Court because they cannot afford an attorney. Thanks to the support of the volunteer attorneys from the Family Law Section of the Hawai‘i State Bar Association, litigants can go to the courthouse to obtain
basic legal advice and assistance.”
– First Circuit Senior Family Court Judge Mark Browning

“The Hawai`i State Judiciary now has self-help centers and/or access to justice rooms in every circuit in the State. We are deeply grateful to our partners for making these services available, including the Hawai`i State Bar Association, Legal Aid Society of Hawai`i, AmeriCorps, and the attorneys who donate their time.”
– Chief Justice Mark Recktenwald

Supplementary Material

Below are some materials that you might find helpful to download and keep. These are not mandatory to read for the program, but we do encourage you to look them over.

Helpful Resources

Here are some other organizations offering resources and services that you might find helpful in your situation.

  • Domestic Violence Action Center
    (DVAC) offers crisis support and client advocacy for those affected by domestic violence.

      • Their Statewide hotline is (808) 531-3771
  • Mediation Center of the Pacific
    is offering online or telephone mediations.

      • Their phone number is (808) 521-6767
  • Hawaii Cares
    offers mobile crisis services throughout the state of Hawai’i.

      • Their Statewide hotline is (808) 832-3100 and toll free line is (800) 753-6879
  • The Parent Line
    also offers some great resources on their website.

      • Their phone number is (808) 526-1222 and toll free line is (800) 816-1222

Resources outside of Hawai‘i

Below are websites you might find helpful during your divorce, separation or paternity proceedings. These are not associated with the Hawai‘i Judiciary system or the Friends of Kids First programs. We hope these might provide you and your family additional information.